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Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

Diu Beach Games 2024

Where Passion Ignites Unity in a Thrilling Showcase First-of-its-kind Multi-Sports Beach Games in India
Posted On: 11 JAN 2024 5:28PM

"Sports, in the real sense, is the genuine support system of life. Wearing the victory well and learning from defeat is an important art that we learn in the sports field.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

An unprecedented chapter in India's sporting history unfolded with the Beach Games 2024 hosted at Ghoghala Beach, Diu from January 4 to January 11, 2024. More than 1,300 players from 28 States and Union Territories participated in the first-of-its-kind multi-sports beach games in the country.[1]

The mission of Diu Beach Games 2024 extends beyond the surface, aiming to etch the essence of beach sports into the very fabric of India's sporting identity. The festival seeks to uncover and nurture raw talent, laying the foundation for future sporting luminaries.






The BEACH GAMES 2024, DIU stands as a beacon of transformative objectives, poised to redefine the coastal experience through a dynamic fusion of tourism, sport, and sustainability. Its objectives are:

  • Promote National-Level Competitions: Establish Beach Games as a premier platform for national-level competitions, showcasing the talents of young athletes and fostering a culture of excellence in beach sports.


  • Legacy Building: Develop lasting infrastructure along the coastline to enhance the region's sporting facilities, leaving behind a tangible legacy for future generations and contributing to the growth of beach sports in India.


  • Environmental Responsibility: Embrace eco-friendly initiatives and responsible event management practices to ensure a positive impact on the pristine beauty of Diu's shores, setting a standard for sustainable sporting events.

  • Position as a Tourist Attraction: Draw visitors to the captivating realm of beach sports, positioning the Diu Beach Games as a distinguished attraction that contributes to the cultural and tourism potential of the Union Territory.

  • Cultural Exchange: Facilitate cultural exchange through various activities, including performances, a flea market, a night market, a kite festival, and beach cleaning, creating an inclusive environment for participants and attendees.





The emblem of the Diu Beach Games 2024 unveils a captivating narrative, symbolizing the essence of Diu and Daman with artistic finesse. Against the canvas of the event's logo, a majestic lighthouse stands tall, an emblematic sentinel overlooking the azure expanse of the sea. This iconic imagery pays homage to Diu's rich maritime history, reflecting resilience and guidance.

Adding a playful charm to the identity is the mascot, 'Perl,' a delightful dolphin embodying the abundant marine life near Diu's shores. Perl gracefully encapsulates the spirit of the coastal locale, evoking a sense of joy and unity. Together, the logo and mascot not only serve as visual representations of the event but also weave a story of Diu's cultural heritage, the ocean's influence, and the exuberant atmosphere that characterizes the Beach Games, leaving an indelible mark on the event's identity.




Beach Games 2024, Diu featured 8 different sports:


  1. Pencak Silat





  1. Beach Boxing




  1. Beach Soccer




  1. Mallakhamb



  1. Tug of War




  1. Sea Swimming





  1. Beach Volleyball



  1. Beach Kabaddi





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