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OEU Manufactured by CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur may be used for High-Altitude Defence Purpose

Posted On: 28 MAY 2021 2:31PM by PIB Kolkata

Kolkata, May 28, 2021

The Director of CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur Professor (Dr) Harish Hirani has emphasised upon the fact that the oxygen therapy if utilised in a synchronised manner may help considerably in reducing the oxygen consumption. He was speaking in a webinar on ‘Oxygen Enrichment Technology and Financial Assistance by SIDBI,’ organised by MSME, DI, Aurangabad and Indo-German Tool Room, Aurangabad, Maharashtra on Thursday (May 27, 2021), where he stated that CSIR-CMERI has offered a number of innovative technical solutions and products to the nation and has been holding the hands of the MSME Units to not only transfer a large number of technologies to them but also assisted them on various technical and related aspects thereby providing them an opportunity to flourish and strengthen the Make in India initiative.
Prof (Dr) Hirani also apprised the participants about the Oxygen Enrichment Unit (OEU) technology developed by CSIR-CMERI, which has already been transferred to 13 different MSME units who are in the process of production of the same. The Director CSIR-CMERI emphasized that it is important that the oxygen therapy is given keeping in mind the scientific factors. He shared that the process of Inhalation consumes 1/3rd of the time of the entire breathing process; however oxygen is supplied continuously to the patients at a particular flow-rate. This implies that 2/3rd of the oxygen Supplied is wasted in the current standard practice. Thus, if this is used in a synchronised manner, it can help in considerably reducing the oxygen consumption.
Prof (Dr) Hirani pointed out that, the Oxygen Concentrators available in the market are used with Nasal Cannula, which may have the scope to spread the viral load; hence the same may be used with appropriate mask which has dedicated Inlets and outlets, with the Outlet having specific bacterial and viral filters.  The MSMEs get benefitted by utilising the CSIR-CMERI’s Technology to manufacture more scientific versions of the OEUs. He added that the OEU developed by his institute may be be deployed for high-altitude Defence purposes and thus serve the armed forces significantly.
The Director CSIR-CMERI said, the available Oxygen Concentrators are providing a control on the Flow Rate of Oxygen only, however, independent Control on Flow Rate (LPM) as well as the percentage of Oxygen (FiO2) will make the system more effective and will also minimise the waste. CMERI, Durgapur is at an advanced stage of development and launch of the Oxygen Enrichment Unit having independent Control of the above referred parameters, with a capacity ranging from 1-15 LPM. It can reduce the Oxygen Load by up to 66%. This system is a sort of a Hybrid System, whereby the Oxygen Cylinders used will be up to three times more effective. This advanced version will have two variants namely the Home and Hospital Variants. A scaled-up version of this technology can also be used for 10-bedded Facilities, with a capacity ranging 1-5 LPM per bed.
The others who participated in the webinar included representatives from CMIA, MASSIA, MSMEs representatives of the region and those interested in start-ups.
Shri A.R. Gokhle, Director, MSME, Development Institute Mumbai in his welcome address praised the efforts of CSIR-CMERI. Sri Bhagwan Chandanani, Assistant General Manager SIDBI, Aurangabad shared in detail the various schemes of SIDBI to support the MSMEs, especially in the cases of manufacturing related to the ongoing circumstances. He spoke about the SHWAS, AROG and SAFE Schemes and said that soft loans and other assistance up to Rs 2 crore are available for the MSMEs.
Shri H. D. Kapse, Managing Director Indo German Tool Room, Aurangabad also motivated the MSMEs to come up and take the benefit of the technological support from the Research Establishment and Public Financial Institutions and be a part of the Make in India drive. Shri N. N. Estolkar, Jt Director, Br MSME-DI Aurangabad coordinated the programme.



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