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English rendering of PM’s address post-budget webinar on Technology-Enabled Development

Posted On: 02 MAR 2022 2:00PM by PIB Delhi


You all know that we have started a new tradition for the past two years. One, we have pre-poned the budget by a month and the budget comes into force from April 1. So, we get two months for preparation. And we are trying to ensure in the light of the budget, how can all the stakeholders like Private, Public, State Government, Central Government, different departments of the government get things off the ground as quickly as possible? How to get the seamless and optimum outcome? How can we be focused on that? All the suggestions from you to accomplish it will probably facilitate the government to simplify its decision process as well. The road map of implementation will also be better. Sometimes due to small things like a full stop or a comma, the files are stuck for months together. To avoid all those things we want to work with you guys. We would like to seek your suggestions. There is no point discussing about - “This discussion should have happened in the budget or that should have been done in the budget”. That is not possible now because that work has been done by the Parliament. Whatever has been decided in the budget is done, no point talking about it. But now, how should the benefits reach the public and the country in the best possible way? And how should we all work together? That's what this discussion is about. You must have seen the decisions taken related to science and technology in this budget. All these decisions are really important. The implementation of budget announcements should be equally fast. This webinar is a collaborative effort in this direction.


Science and technology is not just an isolated sector for our government. Today, our vision in the field of economy is related to the basic foundations like digital economy and Fintech. Our development vision in the field of infrastructure is based on advanced technology. Public services and last mile delivery are also now linked to digital platforms through data. Technology for us is a powerful medium to empower the common citizens of the country. For us, technology is the basis for making the country self-reliant. And when I talk about India's self-reliance, even today you must have heard the speech of the US President Biden this morning. He has also talked about making America self-reliant. He has laid a great emphasis today for 'Make in America'. And so we know the new systems that are being created in the world. Therefore, it is very important for us as well to move forward with self-reliance. And you must have seen that only those things have been emphasized in this budget.


This time special emphasis has been laid on the sunrise sectors in our budget. Artificial Intelligence, Geospatial Systems, Drones, Semi-conductors and Space Technology, Genomics, Pharmaceuticals, Clean Technologies  and 5G, all these sectors are the priority of the country today. The budget has also focused upon promoting thematic funds for sunrise sectors. You are aware that this year the budget has given a very clear roadmap for the 5G spectrum auctions. PLI scheme has been proposed in the budget for a strong 5G eco-system associated with design-led manufacturing in the country. I would especially urge the private sector to have detailed discussions on the new possibilities being created by these decisions. And with your concrete suggestions, we shall move forward with our concerted efforts.


It is said that Science is Universal but Technology must be Local. We are familiar with the principles of science but how to make maximum use of technology for Ease of Living? We need to emphasize on this as well. Today we are building houses at a rapid pace. There is an unprecedented investment in rail-road, airway-waterway and optical fiber too. To bring more momentum to this, we are moving ahead with the vision of PM Gatishakti. We have to work on how technology can help this vision ceaselessly. You are aware that work is being done on 6 major light-house projects in the country in the housing sector. We are using modern technology in the construction of houses. We need your cooperation, active contribution and innovative ideas on how we can further accelerate it through technology. Today we are looking at Medical Science. Medical science has also become almost technology driven. Now more and more medical equipment should be manufactured in India. And keeping in mind the needs of India, we all have to pay attention to how technology can be used in that. And probably you can contribute more to that. Today you see, one sector that has grown so fast is gaming. Now it has become a huge market in the world. The young generation has joined it very fast. In this budget, we have laid a lot of emphasis on AVEGC – Animation Visual Effects Gaming Comic. In this direction too India's IT coordination has earned its respect around the world. We can now build our strength in such a specific area. Can you raise your efforts in this direction? Similarly, there is a huge market for Indian toys as well. And the children today like to have some technology in their toys. Can we think about technology-related toys for the children of our country and its delivery to the market around the world? Similarly, we all need to give more impetus to our efforts to bring new technology in the communication sector. Servers should be in India only. Dependence on foreign countries should be minimized and security angles in terms of communication are being added more and more. We have to increase our efforts in this direction with great awareness. With regard to Fintech, India has done wonders in the past. People could never have imagined these sectors in our country. But today our villages are also getting involved in financial activities through mobile phones. This means that the inclusion of more and more modern technology in fintech is the need of the hour for us. It also ensures security. In February 2020, the country changed the old ways of dealing with geo-spatial data. This has opened up infinite new possibilities and new opportunities for the geo-spatial. Our private sector should take full advantage of the same.


The world has witnessed our self-sustainability as well as our reliability in vaccine production at the time of Covid. We have to replicate this success in every sector. Our industries and you all have a massive responsibility in this area. A robust data security framework is also extremely vital in the country. Data governance is also necessary to take maximum advantage of data. In such a situation, we also need to set its standards and norms. Together you can frame a roadmap upon how to move forward in this direction.


Today India has the third largest and fastest growing Start-up Eco-system in the world. I want to assure my start-ups that the government stands with them with all its might. A portal has also been proposed for skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling of youth in the budget. With this, youth will get the right jobs and opportunities through API based trusted skill credentials, payment and discovery layers.


To promote manufacturing in the country, we have started a PLI scheme of Rs 2 lakh crore in 14 key sectors. I am expecting practical ideas to move forward in this direction from this webinar. You provide us with suggestions on its seamless implementation. How can we make better use of optic fiber for citizen services? How can even a student from our distant villages take advantage of India's top most education system at home through this technology? How can he avail medical services? How can the farmers, my small farmers take advantage of innovation in agriculture with a mobile in his hand? Everything is available in the world. We have to connect it seamlessly. For this, I need innovative suggestions from all of you.


The solution to challenges faced by the world related to technologies like e-waste should also come up through technology. I have a special request to you that in this webinar you should also focus on solutions like circular economy, e-waste management and electric mobility, to give a decisive solution to the country. I am sure that with your efforts the country will definitely reach its goals. And I want to reiterate that this webinar is not about the government serving you with knowledge. In this webinar, the government needs ideas from you instead. The government needs new methods from you so as to increase the speed. And can we do something in the first quarter itself with the assigned budget, with the money invested during the budget? Can you make a time-bound programme? I believe you are in this field and you know every detail - the difficulties etc. What can be done in the best possible way? What can be done to increase the pace? You all know it very well. We want to sit together and take this forward. I wish you all the very best for this webinar.

Thank you!


DISCLAIMER: This is the approximate translation of PM’s speech. Original speech was delivered in Hindi.



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