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TRIFED's Artisanal Treasures Steal the Spotlight at G20 Summit

Posted On: 11 SEP 2023 4:14PM by PIB Delhi

The G20 Summit witnessed a remarkable showcase of India's rich tribal heritage and craftsmanship, curated and presented by TRIFED (Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India), Ministry of Tribal Affairs. Several exquisite products, handcrafted by tribal artisans from various  regions of India, captured the attention and admiration of delegates from around the  world. Acknowledged for his outstanding contributions, Shri Pareshbhai Jayantibhai Rathwa showcased his remarkable talent with a live demonstration of Pithora Art at the G20 Crafts Bazaar.

" Shri Pareshbhai Jayantibhai Rathwa showcasing his remarkable talent of Pithora Art"


  Among the array of offerings, the following articles were the most reached and generated immense interest among the delegates:

  1. Longpi Pottery: Named after the village of Longpi in Manipur, the Tangkhul Naga tribes practice this exceptional pottery style. Unlike most pottery, Longpi does not resort to the potter’s wheel. All shaping is done with the hand and with the help of moulds. The characteristic gray- black cooking pots, the stout kettles, quaint bowls, mugs and nut trays, at times with a handle of fine cane are trademarks of Longpi but now fresh design elements are being introduced both to extend the product range as well as to embellish the existing pottery.


"Longpi Pottery is an art form that is shaping heritage, one pot at a time."


  1. Chhattisgarh Wind Flutes: Curated by the Gond Tribe of Bastar in Chhattisgarh, the 'Sulur' bamboo wind flute stands out as a unique musical creation. Unlike traditional flutes, it produces melodies through a simple one-handed twirl. Craftsmanship involves meticulous bamboo selection, hole drilling, and surface etching with fish emblems, geometric lines, and triangles. Beyond music, the 'Sulur' serves utilitarian purposes, helping tribal men ward off animals and guide cattle through jungles. It's a harmonious blend of artistry and functionality, showcasing the Gond Tribe's ingenious craftsmanship.



"Wind flute is a beautiful creation by the Gond tribes of Bastar in Chhattisgrah"


  1. Gond Paintings: The Gond tribe's artistic brilliance shines through their intricate paintings, reflecting their deep connection to nature and tradition. These paintings tell stories that resonate with art enthusiasts worldwide. Gond artists have ingeniously adapted to contemporary mediums, employing unique techniques. They start with dots, calculating image volume, which they then connect to form outer shapes filled with vibrant colors. These artworks, deeply influenced by their social milieu, artfully transform everyday objects. Gond painting stands as a testament to the tribe's artistic ingenuity and their profound connection with their surroundings.


"Vivid Tales in Every Stroke: The World of Gond Art"


  1. Gujarat Hangings: Curated by the Bhil & Patelia Tribe in Dahod, Gujarat, Gujarati Wall Hangings, much loved for their wall-enhancing charm, stem from an ancient Gujarat art form. Crafted by the Bhil tribes of Western Gujarat, these hangings, initially dolls and cradle birds,

feature cotton cloth and recycled materials. Now, they boast mirror work, zari, stones, and beads, evolving to suit contemporary fashion while preserving tradition.


“Gujarat Hangings, Curated by the Bhil & Patelia Tribe in Dahod, Gujarat


  1. Sheep Wool Stoles: Originally featuring monochromatic schemes of white, black, and grey, the world of tribal craftsmanship is witnessing a transformation. Dual-colored designs now dominate, mirroring evolving market preferences. Bodh, Bhutia and Gujjar Bakarwal tribes from Himachal Pradesh/Jammu & Kashmir exhibit their ingenuity with pure sheep wool, fashioning a diverse range of apparel, from jackets to shawls and stoles. The process is a labor of love, meticulously performed on hand-operated looms with four pedals and stitching machines. Sheep wool threads are woven into intricate diamond, plain, and herringbone patterns. 


"Showcasing of Sheep wool from Himachal Pradesh/Jammu & Kashmir"


  1. Araku Valley Coffee: Hailing from the picturesque Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh, this coffee is renowned for its unique flavors and sustainable cultivation practices. It offers a taste of India's natural bounty. Cultivating premium coffee beans, they meticulously oversee the entire process, from harvest to pulping and roasting, resulting in an irresistible brew. Araku Valley Arabica Coffee, produced organically, boasts a distinguished reputation for its rich flavor, invigorating aroma, and unmatched purity.




"Display of Araku Coffee & other natural products"


  1. Rajasthan Artistry Unveiled: Mosaic Lamps, Ambabari Metalwork, and Meenakari Crafts:

Hailing from Rajasthan, these handcrafted marvels reflect a rich tribal heritage.

Glass Mosaic Pottery captures the mosaic art style, meticulously crafted into lamp shades and candle holders. When illuminated, they unleash a kaleidoscope of colors, adding vibrancy to any space.

Meenakari is an art of decorating metal surfaces with vibrant mineral substances, a technique introduced by the Mughals. This Rajasthan tradition demands exceptional skill. Delicate designs are etched onto metal, creating grooves for colors to nestle in. Each hue is fired individually, creating intricate, enamel-adorned pieces.

Metal Ambabari Craft curated by the Meena Tribe, also embraces enameling, a meticulous process that elevates metal decoration. Today, it extends beyond gold to metals like silver and copper. Each piece reflects Rajasthan's rich cultural legacy and craftsmanship.



"Display of Home Décor products from Rajasthan"


These artisanal products are not just decorative items but living embodiments of India's rich cultural diversity and heritage.





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