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03 OCT 2020 7:23PM by PIB Delhi
Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh interacted with farmers of the border area of district Kathua in Jammu & Kashmir.

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh today interacted with the farmers living in the border areas of district Kathua of Jammu & Kashmir and discussed with them the virtues of the new Agricultural and Farm reforms brought by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Dr Jitendra Singh said, the earlier system of middlemen taking charge of crop and arranging for its sale might have been relevant till about two decades ago but, today’s farmer is young, educated, well-informed and well-connected and, therefore, capable of exercising the option of choosing the buyers for himself.

Today’s farmer, reiterated Dr Jitendra Singh, is actually an Agricultural Technocrat who has the capacity to decide sitting on a computer which will be the most profitable crop to sow in the coming season. The farmer today also, he said, has the facility to online discover to whom best to sell his product across the country

Dr Jitendra Singh said, with the kind of means and opportunities available to the young Agricultural Technocrats of today, we have no right to deprive them of the avenues available to other technocrats and entrepreneurs. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has corrected a huge anomaly in the farming sector of India, he added.

Allaying apprehensions that big Business Houses will take over farming and the farmers' land will be forcibly taken over, Dr Jitendra Singh said, new Law has ensured all the safeguards. He again alleged that all the hue and cry is being raised by professional protesters who have nothing to do with the farming.

The interaction was arranged by Kathua unit of BJP led by its District President Raghunandan Singh. Those who participated in the interaction included farmers Subhash Singh, Nar Singh and Dilbag Singh as well as Sarpanches, Vikram Singh, Diwan Singh, Bantoo and others. Local activists Vicky Sharma, Miss Seema and Jhanda Singh also expressed their views.