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19 FEB 2021 10:00PM by PIB Delhi
Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah released CRPF's book 'Nation First - The Golden Saga of 82 Years'

The Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah released the Central Reserve Police Forces's (CRPF’s)book, 'Nation First - The Golden Saga of 82 Years' in New Delhi today. On this occasion, Shri Amit Shah said that this book will serve as an inspiration for the personnel recruited in the CRPF and will speak of the tales of heroism that have created history. Shri Shah said that this book he will also help him understand the great tradition he has to encourage.

Shri Amit Shah said that it is a matter of great pleasure and pride that all the glorious events through the 82 years have been compiled in this book. While congratulating Dr.BhuvanJha on behalf of the Home Ministry and himself, Shri Shah appreciated his work in compiling the book. Shri Shah said that this book has beautifully described how the conspiracies of anti-national elements which threaten the unity of the country have failed and how they have been eliminated and how the CRPF has protected the nation.

Shri Shah said that more episodes will be added to this book in the coming days and this book will serve to inspire others. Shri Shah said that starting from today the CRPF's celebration of Ex-Servicemen Day (Veterans’ Day) is a commendable and proud effort. Shri Shah said that the first Home Minister of the country, SardarVallabhbhai Patel, gave a flag to the CRPF and the Force has worked as a team after Independence and since then the CRPF has become the largest security force of the country and is providing its services to the nation. CRPF personnel have performed their duties well on the border and on all fronts within the country and have done commendable work without ever considering the adverse situation.

Shri Amit Shah said that understanding the history of our security forces is important and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi developed the Police Memorial keeping this in mind. Shri Shah said that the memorial is not just an inanimate place, but infact since its creation, the work of disseminating information about the tales of valour to the people is being carried out by making it a center for the people. Tourists visiting Delhi and children from other parts of the country visit the memorial and take inspiration from it. Publicity about the memorial will help in changing the attitude of the people towards the uniformed forces. Shri Amit Shah said that security forces and police personnel do not have fixed working hours and are continuously on the job. Therefore efforts are being made by the Modi government to ensure that all security force personnel can be with their families for atleasta 100 days in a year.

Shri Amit Shah said that the structure of the CRPF has changed greatly over the last 85 years. Many new responsibilities have been given to the CRPF and all the responsibilities have been successfully performed by the force. Be it the unfavourable situation of Jammu and Kashmir or the forests of the North East, CRPF personnel have created a glorious history inmaintaining internal security by staking their lives. Shri Shah said that it cannot be forgotten that in 1959the CRPF handled the situation well on the border with China until army personnel arrived. Referring to the incident of 13 December 2001, Shri Shah said that terrorists could not enter the Temple of Democracy due to the prompt action, bravery and sacrifice of CRPF soldiers on that day and therefore the plans of the terrorists failed.

Shri Amit Shah said that more than 2,200 CRPF personnel have made the Supreme Sacrifice for the security of the country. Shri Shah said that the Pulwama incident is remembered as a tragic incident in which 40 CRPF personnel lost their lives. After this incident, for the first time the Nation stood up for the honour of the personnel of security forces,by initiating a strong response. Shri Shah said that the CRPF has received more than 2,000 medals, which the country as well as he also prides. The story of the CRPF will reach the country and the world through this book. Shri Shah said that our mission can only be to secure the nation and to bring development to the nation, and under the leadership of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, everyone should discharge their responsibilities.

The Union Home Secretary Shri Ajay Bhalla and senior officials of the Union Government and the CRPF were also present at the function.


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