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05 AUG 2022 5:33PM by PIB Delhi
NCW organizes Consultation on Conditions Conducive to Sex Workers to Live with Dignity

The National Commission for Women (NCW) organized a Consultation on the topic ‘Conditions Conducive to Sex Workers to Live with Dignity’ to understand the issues faced by the sex workers and to take recommendations to attempt mainstreaming of their rights.

Through this Consultation, the Commission sought to discuss topics such as educating marginalised sex workers about the recent Supreme Court ruling and how to use it for their protection, human and fundamental rights of sex workers, as well as sensitization of the masses to protect dignity of sex workers and their children.

Ms Rekha Sharma, Chairperson, National Commission for Women, Ms Meeta Rajivlochan, Member Secretary, NCW and other senior officials of the Commission graced the occasion. Stakeholders from across the country were invited to attend the meeting to understand the problems of sex workers. Some of the organisations that joined today’s deliberation were All India Network of Sex Workers, Saheli Sangh, SANGRAM, Kat-Katha Foundation, Guria India, Durbar, National Network of Sex Workers, VAMP, ApneAap Women’s Collective, Mahila Jagrut Seva Bhavi Sanstha, SIAAP, Karnataka Sex Workers Union and Women Initiatives (Me and My World).



In her inaugural address, the Chairperson Ms Rekha Sharma said that like every citizen, sex workers are also entitled to all the rights and a life of dignity and it is important to provide them with opportunities and support. “Today’s Consultation aims to understand the problems faced by sex workers and to understand and prepare a future roadmap for providing them with better institutional support and help for mainstreaming their rights,” said Ms Sharma.

The participants stressed on the need to sensitize police officers as major violence/misuse of power is observed in their conduct while dealing with sex workers, and that social security schemes and benefits be easier to access for sex workers and their children. Physical, mental and social well-being of sex workers and media sensitization on sharing pictures without consent of these workers were also discussed by the participants.

Additionally, the experts also discussed monitoring shelter homes since they may lead to further harassment, ensuring that rehabilitation is not forced, and providing educational and skill development opportunities for sex workers and their children.