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Government of India
Ministry of Communications
28 MAR 2023 3:34PM by PIB Delhi
TRAI issues direction to all telecom service providers to inform it about any major network outage

It has been observed that incidences of major network outage of telecom networks occurring due to technical reasons or due to natural calamities are not reported by the Telecom Service Providers (TSP) to TRAI. These major network outages in the country for prolonged duration, especially in border and hilly areas, adversely affect the availability or quality of service in affected areas.

To understand the root cause of major network outages and get relevant support from local authorities extended to the service providers, if needed, the Authority has decided to collect the information about any such outage at the district level.

In view of the above, the Access Service Providers have been directed to report the following:

  1. all incidences of major network outages affecting the telecom services to the entire consumers of a district (revenue district as defined by the Union/State Government) continuously for a period of more than four hours, within twenty-four hours of their occurrence, in the format specified in the Direction.
  2. the root cause of such major network outage and corrective actions taken thereof, within seventy-two hours of restoration of services, in the format specified in the Direction.

The Direction shall come into force with immediate effect.